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Eco-Friendly building materials?

Having an eco-friendly house / building is about the way your home is designed, constructed and operates to reduce its impact on the overall environment while creating a healthy and enjoyable environment to live in. Key green building strategies include water and energy efficiency, sourcing sustainable products and materials and using renewable energy. There are so many ways in which to achieve environmentally friendly and sustainable building results, and our expertise is on the wall cladding, insulation and internal lining.

Brick veneer is not the most eco-friendly building material for your home. Making bricks demands a lot of energy, and brick veneer provides poor insulation, meaning more energy, to heat and cool your home. Bricks are heavy which requires a much thicker building slab and bricks are also difficult to recycle.  Now there are much smarter ways to build.

At The Wall Store our focus is providing Eco Friendly building alternatives. The most appropriate choice for your home will depend on ……….READ MORE



DuraCom is a compressed fibre cement sheeting that has a smooth, flat surface and square edge finish which is suitable for expressed jointing and provides a facade suitable for a number of finishes – from painted to textured coatings

Fibre Cement

fibre cement

Fibre Cement

BGC fibre cement products are manufactured for internal and external applications, wet area situations, acoustic, fire rated, structural and decorative purposes as well as flooring requirements.

With an unlimited number of options available for your home’s exterior, you can transform the look and style of your home to suit any design. Fibre cement siding offers a variety of advantages over its wood counterparts. Unlike wood siding, fibre cement, also known as concrete siding. Fibre cement siding is a durable alternative to wood siding because it is resistant to termites and water and is also non-combustible.

BGC Duragrid

Duragrid gives buildings a modern and extremely durable finish. 9mm Duragrid sheeting has a smooth, flat surface and square edge finish which is suitable for expressed jointing and provides a façade suitable for a number of finishes – from painted to textured coatings.

  • has steel and timber battens available
  • is suitable for residential and light commercial applications
  • is lightweight and highly durable
  • panels will not rot, burn or corrode
  • can be easily decorated in a number of design finishes
  • quick and simple to install using manual nailing or gun nailing or screw fixing

BGC Nuline

NuLine is a unique weatherboard-style cladding system that looks like real timber weatherboard, but without the maintenance associated with natural timber weatherboard constructions.

  • Features a level joining system, which gives a seamless finish
  • Is quick and easy to cut, handle and install
  • Comes in two different profiles – offering ‘design choice’
  • Is durable
  • Won’t rot or decay
  • Is low maintenance
  • Offers a range of attractive corner and end finishes
  • Is fire resistant
  • Is termite resistant

BGC Plasterboard

BGC Plasterboard takes pride in supplying purpose designed products, suited to all residential and commercial wall and ceiling applications.

BGC Plasterboard is an interior lining material which provides a blemish free, monolithic surface ready for decorative paint and thin cover finishes for both commercial and residential applications.

BGC Plasterboard is manufactured using a gypsum core covered with a linerboard which is wrapped around the gypsum to protect the core.

NRG Greenboard

NRG Greenboard

NRG Greenboard

 NRG Greenboard is an insulative walling system suitable for external cladding of timber or steel framed buildings as well as solid concrete and masonry walls. The system provides a weather resistant, seam free rendered finish in a wide range of textures and colours.

Design Freedom, NRG Greenboard -Curved walls, rounded corners, embossed patterns, raised wall areas, mouldings and other architectural features are simple to achieve and economically viable with the versatile NRG Energy Efficient Wall Cladding System.

NRG Sunhood & Blades

NRG GreenboardNRG Sunhood & Blades will enhance the architectural appearance of modern building design, whilst providing both ‘shading’ and ‘weather’ protection over windows and doors.

NRG Sunhood & Blades designed simplicity, allows for speedy installation and finished with an extensive choice of textures and colour finishes.

QT Eco Series

Qt Eco Series Panels are a lightweight masonry Panel that can a achieve a 90/90/90 Fire Rating. Perfect for External Wall Cladding and Boundary Walls. The panels also offer high thermal and acoustic values.

ECO Series

The QT EcoSeries Wall Panel is a masonry veneer wall cladding system with a cavity.

The QT EcoSeries Wall Panel offers a solid substrate which can accommodate a wide range of finishes, has high thermal insulation and sound abatement, fire resistance and ease of construction. QT EcoSeries Wall Panels are manufactured from a material called Conpolcrete which consists of a blend of cement and recycled polystyrene. Patent Pending.

Hebel PowerBlock Walls

Hebel PowerBlocks are large AAC blocks, laid in much the same way as bricks but using Hebel Adhesive to form a monolithic structure. Typically, external walls use a single skin of 250mm thick blocks while internal, non-loadbearing walls use 100mm thick blocks.

Walls built with Hebel PowerBlocks are strong and durable, providing you with the security of solid masonry with the added advantages that the unique nature of Hebel AAC can deliver.

Compared to traditional double brick construction, Hebel Block Walls can be laid much faster, saving time and building costs. Building with Hebel PowerBlocks creates more internal floor area for the same building dimensions.

Building with Hebel PowerBlocks provides loadbearing walls that completely eliminate combustible material from the wall construction making Hebel an ideal choice for bushfire prone areas.


  • Exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Non-combustible blocks with frameless construction deliver superior fire resistance
  • 73% less embodied energy and 61% less greenhouse gas emissions than comparative masonry products*
  • Not a food source for termites or vermin and no cavity construction eliminates the chance of harbouring pests
  • Source: LCA Report GECA 2006

Wall Systems

CSR Panel Systems has developed Hebel Wall systems for Residential, High Rise and Commercial applications that harness the benefits of lightweight construction where thermal, acoustic and fire properties and energy efficiency are desired.

Internal wall system

Hebel PowerBlock Walls

For Internal and External Walls

External wall system

Hebel Low Rise & Detached External Wall

Hebel external wall solutions are an ideal alternative to brick veneer in timber or steel framed construction which provide substantial benefits to homeowners and builders.