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Eco-Friendly building materials?

Having an eco-friendly house / building is about the way your home is designed, constructed and operates to reduce its impact on the overall environment while creating a healthy and enjoyable environment to live in. Key green building strategies include water and energy efficiency, sourcing sustainable products and materials and using renewable energy. There are so many ways in which to achieve environmentally friendly and sustainable building results, and our expertise is on the wall cladding, insulation and internal lining.

Brick veneer is not the most eco-friendly building material for your home. Making bricks demands a lot of energy, and brick veneer provides poor insulation, meaning more energy, to heat and cool your home. Bricks are heavy which requires a much thicker building slab and bricks are also difficult to recycle.  Now there are much smarter ways to build.

At The Wall Store our focus is providing Eco Friendly building alternatives. The most appropriate choice for your home will depend on ……….READ MORE

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