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DuraCom is a compressed fibre cement sheeting that has a smooth, flat surface and square edge finish which is suitable for expressed jointing and provides a facade suitable for a number of finishes – from painted to textured coatings

Fibre Cement

fibre cement

Fibre Cement

BGC fibre cement products are manufactured for internal and external applications, wet area situations, acoustic, fire rated, structural and decorative purposes as well as flooring requirements.

With an unlimited number of options available for your home’s exterior, you can transform the look and style of your home to suit any design. Fibre cement siding offers a variety of advantages over its wood counterparts. Unlike wood siding, fibre cement, also known as concrete siding. Fibre cement siding is a durable alternative to wood siding because it is resistant to termites and water and is also non-combustible.

BGC Nuline

NuLine is a unique weatherboard-style cladding system that looks like real timber weatherboard, but without the maintenance associated with natural timber weatherboard constructions.

  • Features a level joining system, which gives a seamless finish
  • Is quick and easy to cut, handle and install
  • Comes in two different profiles – offering ‘design choice’
  • Is durable
  • Won’t rot or decay
  • Is low maintenance
  • Offers a range of attractive corner and end finishes
  • Is fire resistant
  • Is termite resistant