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Hebel PowerBlock Walls

Hebel PowerBlocks are large AAC blocks, laid in much the same way as bricks but using Hebel Adhesive to form a monolithic structure. Typically, external walls use a single skin of 250mm thick blocks while internal, non-loadbearing walls use 100mm thick blocks.

Walls built with Hebel PowerBlocks are strong and durable, providing you with the security of solid masonry with the added advantages that the unique nature of Hebel AAC can deliver.

Compared to traditional double brick construction, Hebel Block Walls can be laid much faster, saving time and building costs. Building with Hebel PowerBlocks creates more internal floor area for the same building dimensions.

Building with Hebel PowerBlocks provides loadbearing walls that completely eliminate combustible material from the wall construction making Hebel an ideal choice for bushfire prone areas.


  • Exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Non-combustible blocks with frameless construction deliver superior fire resistance
  • 73% less embodied energy and 61% less greenhouse gas emissions than comparative masonry products*
  • Not a food source for termites or vermin and no cavity construction eliminates the chance of harbouring pests
  • Source: LCA Report GECA 2006

CSR Hebel Power Panels and Blocks

Hebel or “AAC” delivers the benefits of traditional masonry such as strength, fire and pest resistance. It also provides superior acoustic and thermal insulation, whilst also allowing projects to be completed quicker due to a more efficient installation method than traditional masonry products.

New Research confirms Thermal Boost with Hebel PowerFloor

As adherence to deemed to satisfy energy efficiency provisions in the BCA gets more complex, new research conducted by CSR Hebel has established clarity around the application of different flooring systems to meet these requirements.

Hebel and the Environment
A better environment

By choosing Hebel you can feel good in the knowledge that you have chosen a building material that is better for our environment. The unique innovation that is Hebel delivers a large number of key environmental benefits over comparable materials.

Independently assessed

To clarify these environmental benefits Hebel has worked with Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) to the international standard ISO 14 024 comparing Hebel to other building products with the same application. Life cycle assessment is the leading methodology used to quantify the environmental impacts over a product’s entire life including: raw material, extraction, production, during use and disposal at end of the product life.

This independent assessment found that Hebel has clear environmental benefits across all key environmental criteria. These include global warming, acidification, heavy metal content, carcinogens, smog creation, cumulative energy demand, water use and solid waste generation. In many cases the environmental benefits were well over 60% better than comparable materials.

Raw materials

The low bulk density of Hebel AAC means that less than a quarter of the resources and raw materials are used in its production than for other masonry products. All raw materials are sourced local to minimise energy used in transport.